Be Open, Act Together

Dear EAHIL Community 

We are honored to invite you to the 17th EAHIL Conference taking place online in November 2020, hosted by the Information and Library Center of the Medical University of Lodz.  

The main theme of the conference is Open Science. There will be a focus on topics such as open access, professional collaboration, and innovation, and we invite your contribution to discuss their current state and ideas for the future. Be Open, Act Together creates space to share our own experience and expertise with fellow librarians from around the world. On 16-18 November 2020 we will acquire new skills and share novel information related to the most important issues in contemporary medical librarianship.   

The Local Organizing Committee and the International Organizing Committee are eager to provide the conference participants with inspiring scientific program interwoven with memorable social events. 

We will offer you comfortable conference venues as well as enjoyable places where you can relax, socialize and tour the city following the conference presentations and workshops.  

Lodz is located in central Poland and is the third largest city in the country, with a population of over 700 000 inhabitants. At present, Lodz is  one of the most significant Polish research centers and the residence of humanities, art, and scientific universities. 

Lodz became the textile industry center in Poland in the 19th century. It is known as the city of four cultures – Polish, German, Russian and Jewish, and is referred to as a melting-pot-city. Today, the city is proud to show its visitors the unique architecture of heritage buildings created in eclectic styles.  

You will have an opportunity to explore the heart of our city, Piotrkowska street – one of the most beautiful streets in Poland. The uniqueness of the street can be compared with the urban complex of Vienna. Art lovers can visit exhibitions at the Art Museum (Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź) which is one of the oldest museums of modern art in the world. For nature enthusiasts, there are 30 city parks you can visit, many of which are historic. Apart from the few attractions listed, there are many more to explore during your visit. 

We look forward to meeting you at the EAHIL conference 2020 in Lodz, Poland. 

Witold Kozakiewicz, Medical University of Lodz, IPC chair