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Maria Bjorklund, Matthias Bank, Daniel Gunnarsson, Carola Tilgmann, Alexandra Forsberg, Krister Aronsson


Library and ICT Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden


Library support to screening tools Introduction Screening tools are useful in the process of making systematic reviews (SR) as they are saving time and facilite collaboration and quality control. A number of screening tools are available as freeware or licensed software. Many tests, comparisons and evaluations have been made of screening tools like Covidence and Rayyan. In our support to research and SR, we have a process-oriented perspective where understanding the whole process from the researcher’s point of view is crucial. This project investigates how librarians can support the researchers’ use of screening tools, by testing two tools to develop our support to the SR process further. The first part of the project is to test screening tools and evaluate how we can develop our support. The second part will be to apply the results and test the support together with researchers. The project will investigate features that may affect which screening tool that can match different purposes. The project will also investigate to what extent we can collaborate in the screening part- as tool consultants and/or as part of the screening team. Method The first part of the project is running October 2019-Spring 2020. We set up a test project within a subject familiar to our own profession, “search filter development”. A systematic search will be performed and the result will be used for screening using Covidence and Rayyan. The screening tools will be evaluated, regarding user friendliness, special features, conflict management and collaboration features. We will also look at output features, and how the tools may be suitable for different types of output. Results The results are expected to be a part of our continuous professional development, as well as means to develop our support to systematic reviews. We hope to gain useful insights in the structure and functions of screening software and we will use our experiences in designing our support to SRs at our faculty. Discussion A process-oriented approach to systematic reviews from a researcher’s point of view goes beyond systematic searching. We aim to understand the whole process, from structuring a research question, to searching, screening and dealing with different output formats for SRs. This project aims to develop our support further, by using our own experiences from extensive testing. We will develop the support according to our results, to make it easier for the faculty’s researchers to decide which screening tool that fits their SR best.


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