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Francesca Gualtieri, Silvia Molinari, Chiara Formigoni, Mauro Mazzocut, Mirta Baldacci, Fulvia Merlini, Ivana Tuccolo


Scientific Information & Library Services, ROTTAPHARM BIOTECH s.r.l.



Teaching in its multi-tasking methods, is a milestone to develop better skills in thinking, evaluating, analysing and applying education and learning process for Health Librarians and Information Specialist qualification. Health Librarians as Knowledge Acquisition Facilitators (KAFs), need different approaches to educate themselves, their students or patrons to cope with new tools and new-mind attitudes to collect good scientific information. Updating competencies is a relevant task to be coped with in collaboration with University and Academic Institution as well as with Professional Associations. Exploring new and various approaches to determine Professional Knowledge and skills can be a new task for Professional Associations; they can host and advocate this special recognizing process through international exchanges, online webinar training and course programs. As we know, the language can represent an hurdle: so it is important to collaborate to prepare comprehensive and agreed tutorials for user in own mother-tongue (think about the EAHIL experience in NLM Thesaurus translation).


Evaluating results of teaching and learning modules is a real challenge in professional roadmap. GIDIF-RBM (Italian Association of Documentalist and Information Specialist) during the last 30 years offered and still offers to Italian Health Librarians and Information Specialist, half-day workshops and learning sections to develop and increase expertise on how to give a high-quality service of knowledge information retrieval and dissemination in different area of interest (evidence base medical information, bio-chemical search, patient information and education). Through an active collaboration with Elsevier Editorial Board, GIDIF-RBM proposed “face to face” training on Embase®. The training course was dedicated to biomedical information specialist, with a debate on structure, quality of indexing and possible collaboration for future release and application programming interface developments (API). The course aim was to prepare information specialists to perform the best biomedical query and be able to analyse and cope with different results list.

Discussion and Conclusions

GIDIF-RBM working Group prepared an Italian translation of the Embase leaflet and create a web corner to meet biomedical Italian librarians needs and how to perform effective clinical queries. The Italian leaflet, available on the association web site, offers also shortcuts how to perform the best clinical query. GIDIF-RBM future goals are: 1. to work together with the publishers to strengthen the training program by transforming the relationship that is very often only commercial; 2. to develop a high quality program to qualify people in their job-life, apply shared procedure to certificate continue learning process with transferable skill-options. 3. Survey and feedback analysis of trainee satisfaction and  quality. We trust that the best way to be a successful Information Specialist, is to act and teach how to choose and retrieve the best information available, and to collaborate with publisher as equal partners.Other authors in GIDIF-RBM working group: Mirta Baldacci and Fulvia Merlini


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