Dear #EAHIL2020 Participants,

here are some tips for you that might help you get the best out of Day 2 and Day 3 of EAHIL 2020 Online Conference.

  1. To be swiftly admitted to the chosen session please make sure you are visible as a ZOOM participant with your FULL FIRST NAME AND SURNAME. If you are already in the waiting room, please leave the session, change your name and come back again!
  2. Admission to the session might take a few minutes.
  3. To ask a question to a presenter use the chat box inside the session − type the prefix [QUESTION TO AUTHOR_NAME] and then your question.
  4. If any of the presenters won’t have enough time to answer your questions during the session, please send your questions to them in a private message on Discord or via email (ZOOM doesn’t archive chat messages).
  5. The fastest way to communicate during #EAHIL2020 is to use our Discord chat channels – either text or sound. We are also posting annoucements there. Go to: To use the chat you need to set up an account.
  6. On Discord you can also chat privately with a chosen user − simply click their name and write a message. You can also talk privately on Discord.
  7. In between the sessions you can visit the Sponsors Exhibition: Our sponsors are waiting for you in their Virtual Booths − you’ll find links to the Virtual Booths in the conference programme: or in the Sponsors Exhibition.
  8. While drinking your coffeee / tea you can also take a stroll through our poster gallery: To interact with the author(s) log in to any social media account indicated below the poster and ask your question in the comments section.
  9. Even if the city of Łódź (Lodz) is out of your physical reach right now, you can still take a walk with our guide Justyna Tomaszewska through the Priest’s Mill and Piotrkowska Street: or get to know Łódź (Lodz) as the city of film with our guide Bartek Mielniczek:

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