Dear Participants, 

the following is basic information about your participation in EAHIL 2020 Online Conference that will take place on 16-18.11.2020, at 8:30AM-3:00PM CET (all links to conference events will be available on Monday 16.11.2020):

1. The conference will be held on ZOOM platform. We reccomend downloading ZOOM Client for Meeting, setting up an account and signing in before joining the conference sessions. We recommend using Windows.

a) We recommend using Windows. 

b) Set up an account: 

c) Download Zoom Client: 

d) ZOOM quides:

e) The sessions will be recorded.

2. To enter a session:

a) First sign in to your ZOOM account. 

b) Open the EAHIL 2020 Conference schedule at: and choose the appropriate dayand session

c) Click the link to the chosen session or use the Meeting ID. 

d) Please note that only conference participants signed in with their real names and surnames will be admitted in to the sessions.

e) Please note that you will have to wait a moment in a waiting room for your identity to be verified. You will be admitted no earlier than 5 min. before the sessions start. 

3. You can find more information at our website – FAQ

a) We invite you to download and use our Virtual Conference Bag graphic materials: Zoom Virtual Backgrounds, social media graphics (such as a Facebook frame), a conference bagde etc.
You can find your Virtual Conference Bag at:

b) A general conference chat will be available on Discord. The chat will launch on 13.11.2020. To join the chat go to:

c) Apart from the conference sessions you will have the opportunity to:

d) visit the Poster session

e) visit the Sponsors Exhibition

f) visit the Sponsors' Virtual Booths

g) take Virtual Tours of Lodz

h) attend Virtual Coffee Breaks

i) attend Social Events.

For detailed information go to:

Kind regards
Paulina Milewska
LOC Chair