The following are the poster session guidelines for EAHIL 2020 Online Conference.

The posters will be shown during an online poster exhibition, however, there will be no live poster presentations by the authors. The conference participants will have the opportunity to discuss the posters with their authors through comments posted below the posters. The authors will be obligated to answer the comments below their posters.

Due to the online format of EAHIL 2020 Conference, you can prepare either a static poster in PDF, JPG, PNG format or an interactive poster – it is entirely up to you. You don’t have to inform us in advance.

If you choose to prepare an interactive poster, here are some guidelines:

  • it can be a presentation of up to 5 slides
  • or a video up to 3 minutes long
  • it can include an audio recording
  • it can also be an animated poster in GIF, PPS, FLV format

The file size of the static poster should not exceed 5MB and the file size of the interactive poster should be up to 15MB.

Please send your poster file at:

Deadline for online poster submission: 25 September 2020

Please note: You can download and use EAHIL2020 logo: JPG / PNG

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